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A word to the wise

You’ve used them. I’ve used them. We’ve all used them. New brands are using more and more of them all the time. Those words that sound all lively and exciting but on closer inspection, should be thrown in the sea. They’re everywhere, with the result that they’ve largely lost their original meaning – and are not to be trusted. A few prime suspects are below. Use them at your peril.

Innovative: Are you sure? Just because something is new, doesn’t make it innovative. Innovative implies a significant departure from established methods, ideas or tech. It requires creative thinking, problem-solving and a  fresh approach to tackling a particular challenge or need.

Revolutionary: Really? A profound and disruptive shift from the status quo? With significant and lasting impacts? Revolutionary is often used to describe products or services that may not truly revolutionise anything.

Unique: Is it though? True uniqueness is rare, but this word is liberally sprinkled over marketing copy across the globe

Cutting edge: Again? Over-use has rendered this phrase tired and lacking impact.

Solutions: Can we just double check? It’s an important and useful word – in maths. In marketing it’s used vaguely, usually  to avoid clearly explaining what kind of problem it solves.

Best: How do you know? Claiming something is the “best” is subjective – and usually unsubstantiated.

Amazing: To everyone? Another over-used adjective, now lacking impact, and often used to describe ordinary things, diminishing its significance.

Synergy: Are you referring to “the interaction of two or more entities to produce a combined effect that’s greater than the sum of their individual effects”? Great! Otherwise, yuck. It’s a corporate buzzword that people throw around without understanding its meaning. Don’t be like them.