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February: This month we meet…

This month we focus on Bon Accord Training Limited, headed up by Director, Carol Gray. Established in 1986, this multi-accredited firm delivers skills and safety training in mechanical handling equipment  to thousands of customers from a wide variety of sectors throughout Scotland.  

  • Tell us about your PR and marketing strategy? 

Through a combination of press releases, social media posts and our new website, our PR and marketing efforts help to position Bon Accord Training Limited as the go-to provider for mechanical handling equipment skills and safety training across Aberdeenshire, and further afield in Scotland. 

  • Why do you invest in PR and marketing? 

We’re fortunate to secure a lot of repeat business and work via recommendations from happy customers, but in a competitive market, it’s critical we maintain our market share through a consistent presence on social media and by being regularly visible in local and regional media. The team at Instinct Marketing and PR helps us do both these things. 

  • What are the key benefits? What has worked well? 

With Instinct’s help we recently refreshed our web copy, with a focus on clarifying our tone of voice and sharpening up our messaging and language. The resulting site is much more accessible without losing any of the key information – it would have been a struggle without them. 

  • Where are your marketing efforts currently focused? 

Instinct has just submitted our Award entry for the Federation of Small Businesses Awards, so we’ll look forward to hearing how we get on there. In the meantime we have a few key business news items to share so we’ll be focusing on the press release and social media work involved in that. 

  • Where will you be focusing your marketing efforts in the next few months? 

We’ll be continuing to undertake some prospecting in the coming months, with the help of a new brochure that the Instinct team has put together for us, as well as a Bon Accord Training branded free gift. This time of year is often a review period for many businesses, and we’re keen to be front of mind for both existing and potential clients.